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What size is a plus size wedding dress?

A plus size wedding dress is traditionally a size 16 plus bridal gown.

Does Bijou Bridal Wear only stock plus size wedding gowns?

Yes. But at Bijou Bridal wear we have decided our plus size range should surpass the traditional plus size idea and have actually started our plus size collection at size 12 plus.

What is the largest size Bijou Bridal Wear stocks?

Bijou Bridal wear's plus size wedding gowns range from size 12 plus to 34.

Do I need an appointment to visit Bijou Bridal Wear's showroom?

Yes. At Bijou Bridal Wear we offer a very unique service. Unlike our competitors, we don't just show you our plus size collection and ask you to spend hours trying every dress on. We are a professional team of stylists and designers so when you step into our studio, you will be offered much more than simply our time. Making an appointment with us could not be simpler. You can either fill in a very quick form on our website's Contact Page or simply call or email us. We advise all Bijou Brides to plan their visit to ensure the best possible service.

I would love to visit Bijou Bridalwear showroom but I can't make the opening times. What can I do?

You can simply get in touch to arrange an 'after hours' appointment. At Bijou Bridal Wear we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and this is one way to make up for our strict 'appointments only' policy.

What if you don't have the specific style of dress I want?

Even though our selection of plus size wedding dresses is an impressive one, we will not have every single dress from every single one of our designers. Simply because not all of the dresses will be suitable for the specific look we have tried to achieve with all our plus size gowns. However, if you have fallen in love with a dress from one of our designers' collections which we currently don't stock, we can order it for you in your size.

Would I then need any alterations?

You may or may not need any. All of our plus size wedding dresses are produced using a standard size guide. However some brides may need to have their dress altered in order to fit their exact figure. But bridal alterations need not be a scary thing. In our expert opinion, most dresses do need some form of altering, simply because it will then be a perfect fit. Consider alteration your next best option to bespoke tailoring. Our sister company Bijou Creative Design & Tailoring has years of experince working with the most influential fashion designers and has an impressive range of high-end clientel. Just to name a few to put your mind at ease, they regularly cover London Fashion Week, have worked on fashion television series The Face, Miu Miu Fashion Week and have many celebrity clients. You are in perfectly good hands and your dress will fit like a glove.

Why should I purchase my dress from a specialist plus size retailer?

Because what you wear should and does matter. Bijou Bridal Wear is London's leading specialist in plus size wedding gowns. Unlike other bridal shops, we only specialise in plus size wedding dresses. You will have a wide variety of beautiful plus size wedding dress samples at your disposal and every one of them is there to accomodate the fuller figure bride. The Bijou Bridal Wear experience is about giving plus size brides an impressive selection of choices and designs. 

Why should I come to Bijou Bridal Wear?

Because at Bijou Bridal Wear you will get a service that we gurantee you won't get elsewhere. Bijou Bridal Wear is a family business with years of experience in fashion design, personal styling and tailoring. When we work with a client, we don't simply strive to sell. We offer styling consultations on what best suits your figure, personality and help find your style. Most brides have a specific idea of what they like but with a little help from our professional team of stylists and a little open mindedness from you, Bijou Bridal Wear can offer you something quite unexpected yet more perfect than what you imagned possible. You should come to us because here at Bijou Bridal Wear we don't just sell plus size bridal gowns. We sell a unique experience which will help you choose the best possible outfit not just for your wedding but for every ocassion in the future. Our styling consultation is free of charge to all Bijou brides.

How can I pay for my wedding dress?

You can pay the first half on the day you place your order and the second half on the day you come for your second fitting. We accept cash, bank transfers and all major credit cards. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques. 

How many fittings do I need?

Most brides need only two fittings, one being the first time they try on their chosen dress and the second time when we have recieved their ordered dress from the designers. But at Bijou Bridal wear we warmly encourage our brides to inform us of any changes in shape and situation such as weight gain, weight loss or the happy news of pregnancy. Simply because all the aforementioned factors can make a difference to the final look of a dress. We will offer our brides as many fittings as they may need or wish. This is about 'you'.

When should I order my dress?

Try to give yourself enough time to find the dress you want and then allow a six month window to prevent any disappointment. It is very possible for your dress to be ready before the six month period but we don't want to disappoint any of our brides.

What if I don't have six months to buy a wedding dress?

No need to panic. We keep a selection of dresses in stock for you to choose from which can be ready upon request. All of our samples are in exquisite condition. Failing that, we can even make a dress for you. As previously mentioned, Bijou Bridal Wear is managed by a professional team of designers, tailors and stylists.

Can I bring anyone with me on my visit to Bijou Bridal Wear studio?

Of course you can. You and your entourage will be greeted in style and given the VIP treatment in our spacious bridal showroom.

Is there parking available directly outside Bijou Bridal Wear showroom?

Yes there is ample parking space available directly outisde to all Bijou Bridal Wear clients. 

If there is anything else you may wish to know about Bijou Bridal wear and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would love to hear from you.